Actueel lesmateriaal voor lesmethodes Engels van Malmberg

Welkom op de blogspot Engels van uitgeverij Malmberg voor gebruikers van All right!, Realtime en Of Course! U vindt hier actuele video's voorzien van opdrachten, voor verschillende vaardigheden en op verschillende ERK-niveaus. Leuk én leerzaam om de les mee te beginnen of af te sluiten!
Daarnaast maakt Malmberg verschillende keren per jaar een actuele leesopdracht voor Engels, afwisselend op niveau A2, B1 en B2. U vindt ze hier.

donderdag 3 december 2015

Mockingjay Part 2

Are you a Hunger Games fan? And have you seen the grand finale of the series yet?

First read the assignment, then watch the video. Take notes to help you do the assignment.

  1. Jen says: “Literally, he’s not wearing shoes.” Explain the meaning of the underlined word.

  2. The interviewer states that the three actors probably know each other really well and know a lot about each other. She asks several questions to tests how well they know each other.
    Write down the questions she asks to test this.

  3. ”What’s he raving about right now.” Explain what the underlined expression means.
    What other words does the interviewer say that mean the same thing?

Extra speaking assignment
  1. Work in pairs.
  2. Use the questions you have noted above (under 2).
  3. Take turns asking and answering these questions.