Actueel lesmateriaal voor lesmethodes Engels van Malmberg

Welkom op de blogspot Engels van uitgeverij Malmberg voor gebruikers van All right!, Realtime en Of Course! U vindt hier actuele video's voorzien van opdrachten, voor verschillende vaardigheden en op verschillende ERK-niveaus. Leuk én leerzaam om de les mee te beginnen of af te sluiten!
Daarnaast maakt Malmberg verschillende keren per jaar een actuele leesopdracht voor Engels, afwisselend op niveau A2, B1 en B2. U vindt ze hier.

donderdag 7 april 2016


British writer Roald Dahl wrote many famous books that are still read by millions today. The BFG is one of them. Ever heard of it? That’s De GVR for Dutch readers.
It’s the story of Sophie, a 10-year-old orphan girl who lives in an orphanage. It’s now being made into a movie. Just this week, a new trailer was released.

Read the following words and phrases and their definitions.
  • orphan - a child whose parents are dead
  • orphanage - a home for orphans
  • witch - a woman with magic powers
  • witching hour - that special time late at night when witches and ghosts turn up and strange things can happen
  • bogeymen - a scary man; some parents frighten their children with the bogeyman
  • curtain - a piece of cloth that is used to cover the window

First read the assignment. Next watch the trailer. Take notes to help you do the assignment.

  1. Did you spot the word orphanage? Where was it?

  2. Listen to Sophie: “It was the witching hour, when the Boogeyman comes out.”
    What else happens at the witching hour?

  3. Fill in the missing words:
    “The girls say the witching hour arrives ..........................
    I think it comes .................................................................”

  4. Name the three things you should NEVER do when the witching hour arrives.

  5. Where does our story begin?

  6. Will you go see the movie when it comes out?