Actueel lesmateriaal voor lesmethodes Engels van Malmberg

Welkom op de blogspot Engels van uitgeverij Malmberg voor gebruikers van All right!, Realtime en Of Course! U vindt hier actuele video's voorzien van opdrachten, voor verschillende vaardigheden en op verschillende ERK-niveaus. Leuk én leerzaam om de les mee te beginnen of af te sluiten!
Daarnaast maakt Malmberg verschillende keren per jaar een actuele leesopdracht voor Engels, afwisselend op niveau A2, B1 en B2. U vindt ze hier.

donderdag 22 september 2016


This month, gymnasts and gym clubs around the U.S. celebrated National Gymnastics Day. One of the most famous young American gymnasts is Simone Biles. Did you watch the Olympics last summer? She did some amazing stuff on the balance beam.
You can get to know her better in this video.

Read the following words and phrases and their definitions.
  • Q&A - Questions and Answers
  • furry - covered with something that looks or feels like the hairy coat of an animal, especially when it is soft and thick
  • Game! - a word you say out loud, meaning: "I'm ready to play along" or "I'm willing or ready to do this"
  • do an impression of somebody - do an imitation of somebody else for fun
First read the assignment. Next watch the video. Take notes to help you do the assignment.

  1. Why does Simone laugh so much?

  2. Why does Simone’s mother Nellie like wearing furry slippers?

  3. Why did Simone’s parents come over and talk to her at the 2015 World Championships?

  4. “Guess my favorite movie” and “Something I wish you would stop doing” are just two of the texts Simone and her mother read from the cards. Write down 2 or more of these questions.

Extra speaking assignment

Have your own Q&A.
  1. Partner up with a classmate.
  2. Take the texts you wrote down in the 4th part of the main assignment above.
    Copy them on separate cards of pieces of paper.
  3. Together think of a couple of similar texts.
    Copy them on separate cards of pieces of paper as well.
    Tip: Just think of things you’d like to know about your classmate.
  4. Put all cards in some kind of container.
  5. Take turns pulling out a text and reading it out to your classmate.
  6. Answer the texts your classmate reads to you.