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Welkom op de blogspot Engels van uitgeverij Malmberg voor gebruikers van All right!, Realtime en Of Course! U vindt hier actuele video's voorzien van opdrachten, voor verschillende vaardigheden en op verschillende ERK-niveaus. Leuk én leerzaam om de les mee te beginnen of af te sluiten!
Daarnaast maakt Malmberg verschillende keren per jaar een actuele leesopdracht voor Engels, afwisselend op niveau A2, B1 en B2. U vindt ze hier.

donderdag 25 mei 2017

Flying High

President Trump took his first foreign trip this month. At the NATO summit in Brussels, he was joined by this unlikely fellow:
What’s his backstory?
still from bbc video
Read the following words and phrases and their definitions.
  • unique approach - unusual way of dealing with something, unlike anybody else
  • prey - an animal that is hunted or killed by another animal for food
  • intercept - catch, grab
  • midair - somewhere above the ground; in the middle of the air
  • potential danger - possible danger
  • dignitaries - people who have a high rank or an important position
  • talons - the sharp claws on the feet of some birds
  • are committed to the plan - have decide to go ahead with the plan
First read the assignment. Next watch the video. Take notes to help you do the assignment.

  1. For what purpose are the Dutch police training eagles?

  2. Name three situations in which these special eagles might be used.

  3. In what way is using eagles a different approach from the old approach?